Our optometry expert at the Eye Care Center, serving Mooresville, NC and the surrounding area, sees patients on a regular basis who experience issues with their vision and the health of their eyes. Our optometrist thoroughly understands a wide array of conditions that can be problematic and potentially lead to serious vision problems in the future. That’s why at our optometry center we diagnose and treat conditions like blepharitis.

Definition Blepharitis

Patients who have blepharitis have inflammation in their eye. In most cases, the swelling occurs where the eyelashes grow and on part of the eyelid. Some patients experience symptoms in both eyelids. Blepharitis usually develops when an oil gland becomes clogged, which irritates the eye. In a majority of cases, the condition is chronic. Usually, it’s difficult to treat, but our optometrist takes an aggressive, yet safe, approach to treating blepharitis. The condition isn’t contagious, nor does it usually cause permanent damage. Blepharitis, however, is uncomfortable and aesthetically unappealing.

Symptoms of Blepharitis

Swelling of the eyelid is the most prevalent symptom of blepharitis. You might notice your eyelids are itchy, look greasy or appear red. You might experience stinging, burning or a gritty feeling in your eye. It’s possible the affected eye may appear red. Flaking around the eye and sensitivity to light might occur. People with blepharitis may blink more than usual. Your eyelids may stick together as a result of crusting on your eyelashes. Your eyelashes could grow abnormally. Some people notice their eyelashes fall out.

Treatment Options for Blepharitis

We advise patients to seek out the assistance of a Mooresville, NC optometrist as soon as they start experiencing symptoms due to how difficult the condition is to treat. Targeting the root of the problem is the first step to treating the condition. This may consist of a lice, mite or dandruff treatment that’s safe to use around the eyes. Our optometry expert might perform an eye scrub to unclog the glands in the eyelids. Surgery could be necessary to remove what’s clogging the eye. Our optometrist will provide you with a referral to an expert optometric surgeon. In some cases, our optometrist will recommend you to an eye doctor who performs laser treatments that can remove debris from the pores in the eyelid. Surgery and laser treatments tend to be a last resort and are only used if other less invasive courses of action are ineffective.

Contact Our Local Eye Doctor for Blepharitis Treatment

If you have any of the symptoms of blepharitis, contact our optometrist at Eye Care Center, serving Mooresville, NC and the surrounding area, by calling (704) 664-9121 today.