Cataracts are an eye problem that can cause a great deal of vision blurriness. Cataracts can make it difficult to drive, read, and even see facial expressions. A cataract forms when the lens of the eye goes from being clear to having cloudiness. If you live in or around Mooresville, NC, and you have begun to experience vision loss due to cataracts, contact our optometrists at Mills Eye Care for an eye exam.

The Symptoms of Cataracts

When someone has cataracts, the vision becomes blurred, clouded, and dim. It can seem like the person is looking at the world through a fog. The vision problems get worse and they may be especially bad at night. The eyes become more sensitive to glares and lights. Often, brighter light will be required to read or perform other tasks. You may also see halos around lights as well as notice that colors are fading or becoming more yellow. Cataracts can cause one eye to have double vision, and your contact lenses or eyeglasses may have frequent changes in their prescriptions.

Cataracts often come on slowly, making the changes difficult to notice over time. Cataracts continue to grow larger affecting a greater portion of the lens. As more of the lens is clouded, the light will become distorted as it passes through the lens. This will make the cloudiness more evident as it progresses.

The Causes of Cataracts

Aging is the most common reason for cataracts. Certain injuries that affect the eye’s lens can also cause cataracts. This condition can be caused by genetic disorders that result in other health issues as well as increasing your risk of developing cataracts. Other eye conditions can also cause cataracts. If you have had eye surgery, such as glaucoma surgery, in the past, or have a serious medical condition like diabetes, these can cause cataracts to form. Using a steroid long-term may also lead to cataracts.

A cataract occurs when the lens, the part just behind the iris of the eye, loses flexibility, becomes thicker, and gets less transparent. Either age or another medical problem can cause the lens’ tissues to begin to break down. These tissues then clump together, making that part of the lens cloudy. Over time, that clouding becomes thicker and takes up more of the lens.

Eyecare in Mooresville, NC

If you have noticed changes in your vision, or your glasses or contact lenses just aren’t working well anymore, call Mills Eye Care in Mooresville, NC, today at (704) 664-9121. One of our optometrists will perform tests, examine your eyes, and recommend a course of action if cataracts are present.