As a child you were probably told not to sit too close to the television and not to watch TV in a dark room, as it would be harmful to your eyesight. While these ideas aren’t exactly true, there is some truth to them. Watching television won’t damage your eyes, although preferring to watch in a darkened room or needing to be closer to a television might be symptoms of an existing eye problem. In today’s world, computer vision from working at a desk during the day or reading content and text on a laptop, tablet, or phone can produce symptoms which require eye care treatment from an optometry center like the one in Mooresville, NC, run by Dr. Ed Mills and Dr. Christopher Mills, Mills Eye Care.

Causes and Effects of Computer Vision

Computer screens emit high levels of blue light which can cause harm to eye during long term viewing. For some people, it can’t be avoided that they use a computer for eight or more hours every day as part of their jobs. ¬†Others may enjoy playing video games, reading on a tablet, or engaging in some other hobby that includes a digital screen. Any of these situations can be stressful to the eyes and cause your eyesight to suffer.

In the short term, computer vision can result in tired eyes and the poor vision. Some people might also suffer from double vision or an inability to quickly change focus when looking at items at different distances. Such symptoms often go away after a nap or simply spending some time away from the computer to rest the eyes. Long term damage can also occur, which requires glasses or contacts to correct.

Appropriate Eye Care Solutions for Computer Vision

Although your job might not allow you to leave the computer, there are a few things you can do to prevent damage to your eyesight from computer vision. First, adjust the settings on your computer to dim the screen or change the amount of blue light emitted by your screen. Also, make sure the screen sits at the appropriate distance from you for comfortable viewing, and at the proper height, centered to where your eyes are when working. Computer glasses are available which help reduce the glare from the screen and filter the harsh light emitted by digital screens.

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