At Mills Eye Care, our Mooresville eye doctor team works hard to help every patient of ours maintain optimal eyesight at any age. Importantly, sometimes uncomfortable symptoms such as blurred vision or dry eyes can be a sign of some other underlying health condition—which is why getting your eyes checked regularly is good not just for your ocular health, but for your overall health, too! We’re proud to offer a range of diagnostic and therapeutic services to help people manage a range of ocular conditions.

Astigmatism, Nearsightedness, and Farsightedness

A refractive error is any type of change in the shape of your eyeball, cornea, or lens that affects the way light enters the eye. Some people are born with astigmatism while others develop them over time. Refractive errors are usually well managed with prescription corrective lenses such as glasses or contacts. We also provide peri-operative care for people who elect to undergo LASIK eye surgery.


Cataracts can cause blurred vision because they gradually cause the lens to become cloudy. This is generally a result of age, smoking, a history of excessive sun exposure or eye injury, or even other underlying medical conditions.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Your eyes are normally covered with a thin film of tears. When your body doesn’t produce enough tears (or doesn’t make the right kind of tears), dry eye syndrome can develop. Causes of dry eye include eye allergies, medications, autoimmune disorders, and tear duct dysfunction. Medications, eye drops, and tear duct plugging can help.

Computer Vision Syndrome (Digital Eye Strain)

Most people spend several hours every day on their phones or computers. Constantly looking at a bright screen can lead to digital eye strain, which is associated with neck pain, headaches, blurred vision, and dry eyes. We teach our patients safer ways to use their digital devices and provide specialized services like anti-glare and anti-blue light coating on their glasses.


Glaucoma leads to gradual vision loss due to damage to the optic nerve, which carries visual information from the eyes to the brain. It’s typically associated with increased inner eye pressure and can be managed with prescription eyewear, medications, and injections.

Is it Time to Schedule an Eye Exam With an Optometrist?

We treat many conditions in addition to the ones listed above! If you’re looking for effective, affordable, and customized eye conditions treatment, contact our family optometrist team today at (704) 664-9121. We can connect you with an experienced doctor of optometry (Dr. Ed Mills and Dr. Christopher Mills) who can help you start seeing more clearly right away!