Wearing contact lenses seems like it should be fun, but with many types, there is one drawback: the need to clean them every day to keep them comfortable and safe. Many people find this task to be tedious, and eventually, either get lax on cleaning and risk infection or switch to eyeglasses. Fortunately, this simply signaled to lens makers that there was a need for contact lenses that do not require any cleaning. Our Optometrists at Mills Eye Care in Mooresville, NC are proud to present daily disposable contact lenses.

What Are Daily Disposable Contact Lenses?

These are lenses that are made to be worn for just one day. When the day ends, you take them out and throw them away. The next day, you open up an entirely new pair and use those.

Benefits of One Day Lenses

There are many important benefits for you as a patient. You never have to worry about cleaning your lenses – or about the possibility of eye infection if you fail to clean. That’s one less task for you to deal with when you’re tired and just want to sleep.

Your lenses will also be more comfortable. With the type that needs cleaning, minerals and other materials build up despite your best efforts. When you use daily disposables, you get a completely fresh lens surface every day.

Who Can Wear Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Most people can use this class of lenses because multiple subcategories are available. These subcategories are prescribed based on your individual needs.

Cost Of One Day Lenses

The total lens cost over the span of a month is higher than that of reusable lenses, but this is partially offset by the fact that you don’t have to buy cleaning solution, trays, and other peripherals. Most find disposable lenses to be worth the investment due to the convenience and peace of mind the lenses provide.

How To Get Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Have a contact lens exam and be sure to tell the doctor that you want this type of lenses. He will then aim to prescribe a brand and type in this category.

Schedule Your Contact Lens Eye Exam Today

To get started with these easy, convenient, and safe contact lenses, just contact our team here at Mills Eye Care in Mooresville at (704) 664-9121. We’ll be glad to help you get into a solution that’s even easier than glasses!