Diagnosis and Treatment of Double Vision By Your Mooresville Optometrist

The most common reason for double vision (diplopia) is a refractive error, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. A complete eye exam provided by your optometrist in Mooresville can discover if your vision is not 20/20 using Snellen eye charts and photoropters containing lenses of differing vision prescriptions. Double vision may also emerge due to other eye conditions or neurological problems.

Corneal Abnormalities and Double Vision

The cornea is essential for focusing incoming light onto the retina at the back of your eye. Upon receiving light images, the retina then transmits this information to the optic nerve. From there, visual signals are sent to the occipital lobe in the brain which interprets the images. If your cornea is not shaped correctly or damaged, it cannot relay clear light signals to the retina. Corneal problems leading to double vision can affect one or both eyes. Depending on the cause of a corneal abnormality, your Mooresville Doctor of Optometry may prescribe glasses, specialty contact lenses or recommend minimally invasive surgery to restore normal corneal shape.

Cataracts and Double Vision

Cataracts are thick layers of proteins that accumulate on the lens of your eye. Located behind the pupil, the lens assists the cornea in focusing light on the retina. If cataracts are clouding the lens, double vision can occur. To reduce or eliminate double vision caused by cataracts, your Mooresville optometrist will suggest cataract removal and lens replacement with a clear, synthetic lens.

Eye Muscles and Double Vision

Ocular muscles keep your eyes aligned, control movements and contribute to clear vision. If the muscles of one eye are weak or damaged, that eye cannot stay in sync with your healthy eye, leading to double or distorted vision. Eye muscle issues may result from impaired nerves, diabetes, and an autoimmune disorder called myasthenia gravis or Graves ‘disease, a thyroid illness affecting eye muscles. People with Graves’ disease often see images on top of one another, a condition known as vertical diplopia.

Medical Conditions Causing Double Vision

If your Mooresville optometrist rules out refractive errors, corneal/lens abnormalities, and eye muscle weakness, your double vision should be checked out by a physician who can determine if you have suffered a stroke or aneurysm. In rare cases, brain tumors may be the reason for double vision, especially if they are located near or in the occipital lobe.

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