Dry eye is a chronic condition that affects millions of people, causing symptoms like burning, itching or stinging sensations, excessive tearing, hypersensitivity to light and blurry vision. People with dry eyes often have trouble wearing contact lenses, and they tend to experience eye strain more quickly. Without prompt treatment, dry eye can also lead to scarring of the cornea, the clear covering of the eye. Several conditions can cause or contribute to dry eye. Visiting your local optometry clinic for an exam is the best way to determine the cause and treat dry eye so symptoms and vision problems can be avoided.

What causes dry eye?

Dry eye can develop in people who spend long periods of time staring at computers or performing repetitive work that decreases the number of times a person blinks. Working in very dry environments can exacerbate the symptoms of dry eye, making workday activities very uncomfortable.

A few patients may experience dry eye from long-term use of certain medications, including allergy medicines, diuretics, and some antidepressants. And some people have underlying medical conditions that can cause dry eye.

How can an optometrist relieve my dry eye symptoms?

Dry eye treatment begins with a comprehensive eye exam performed by a licensed optometrist with skills and experience in diagnosing and managing the condition. During the exam, the optometrist will review your symptoms and your medical history to look for clues that can help determine the cause of your dry eye symptoms. The eye exam will provide additional information about the source of symptoms in addition to evaluating the health of the cornea, the tear glands, and other structures.

Most patients find their symptoms are relieved with special lubricating eye drops to moisten the corneal surface. These eye drops use a special formula that clings to the eye surface while replenishing moisture. When dry eye is caused by a medication or underlying medical problem, addressing those issues may help relieve symptoms. Many patients find relief by switching from contact lenses to glasses, by reducing their contact lens wear or by switching to another type of contact lens.

Get the Care You Need to Relieve Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry eye isn’t just annoying and uncomfortable; without prompt care, decreased lubrication on the eye surface can cause corneal damage as well. As a top-rated optometry practice, the Eye Care Center in Mooresville is skilled in determining the best treatment approach for every patient to relieve symptoms, improve eye health and help each patient enjoy the clearest vision possible.

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