We count on our vision to help us through many of life’s challenges, from the time we are small children to the end of our lives. But sometimes our ability to focus is challenged and it takes specialized eye care to diagnose and treat the problem. At Mills Eye Care in Mooresville, NC our Doctors of Optometry Dr. Ed Mills and Dr. Christopher Mills can help you figure out why you or your child may be having trouble getting your vision to focus properly, and what can be done to fix it.

Refractive errors commonly result in people get prescription eyeglasses.  This happens because the light is not reflecting from the retina properly, due to the shape of the eye. Nearsightedness (myopia), where light focuses in front of the retina and farsightedness (hyperopia) where the light goes behind the retina, both these conditions are due to refractive errors. Nearsighted people can see close up objects clearly but have trouble focusing on objects at a distance. The opposite is true for farsighted people. Astigmatism is another condition caused by a refractive error, where light reflects unevenly, blurriness is sporadic.

Accommodative Dysfunction

Accommodative dysfunction is the eye’s ability to adjust its focus in line with the distance of the object it is focused on. Those with accommodative dysfunction may have trouble with glare when they are looking at things close up, like books or screens. It is most common in children and some signs that parents or teachers should look for include posture (head tilt), eye redness, headaches, and attention issues while using near vision. Eye focusing problems can happen after head trauma, or be related to other health problems or even be due to genetics.

Left untreated, accommodative dysfunction can inhibit learning, productivity, and overall efficiency in school or work. It is difficult to maintain focus if looking at things at different distances- for example copying notes from a blackboard. At times, even printed words appear to be moving. Eyeglasses are sometimes an option for people experiencing focusing complications but do not work the same way as they do with more typical refractive errors.

Call Mills Eye Care To Help with Your Eye Focusing Problems

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