Therefore, it’s prudent to buy the right frames and lens matching your budget, prescription, and lifestyle. Eyeglasses are primarily meant to alleviate many complications people have with their sight. For example, if you possess nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, corrective lenses will be necessary to improve your vision. At Mills Eye Care, we have been helping residents of Mooresville, NC select the perfect pair of eyeglasses for many years. Following are the answers to questions our eye doctor frequently receives regarding eyeglasses.

How Can I Tell That I Need Eyeglasses?

If you experience refractions in your vision, they will be detected when you undergo a comprehensive eye exam. After our optometrist tests your visual acuity, we will let you know if you require eyeglasses to rectify refractive errors and improve your vision. Our eye doctor at Mills Eye Care will perform tests for astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness and afterwards prescribe eyewear that will correct your vision.

What Kind of Eyeglasses Do I Need?

People who have not worn eyeglasses before might require help in choosing eyeglasses. Our eye doctor will guide you in making wise eyewear choices, considering your taste, budget and lifestyle. At Mills Eye Care, we have an extensive inventory of name-branded frames and lenses that suit your eyeglasses needs.

How Often Should I Change My Eyeglasses?

After some time, your vision may change, warranting you to update your eyewear to preserve good sight. You can ascertain if you need any vision changes that require new eyeglasses by scheduling annual eye exams. You can also change your eyeglasses for a wide variety or to befit changes in your lifestyle.

How Can I Avert the Glare of My Eyeglasses?

By adding anti-reflective coatings to your prescription, you will be able to see through your lens more clearly. This same coating makes it easier for other parties to see your eyes, which instills comfortability when engaging in personal conversations.

What Are the Warning Signs That Show One Requires Eyeglasses?

Common symptoms that indicate you will benefit from wearing eyeglasses include:

  • Squinting
  • Slanting the head to focus well
  • Recurrent rubbing of individual eyes
  • Excess tears in eyes
  • Consistently sitting too close to the television or holding a book too close

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