Frequently Asked Questions About LASIK Surgery

Do you suffer from constant or recurring eye strain and fatigue? If so, you may be one of the many individuals who struggle with an eye issue called computer vision syndrome (CVS) or digital eye strain. The more you understand about this irritating problem, the more effectively you can seek the solution to your symptoms. Here are the answers to some frequently asked computer vision syndrome questions at Lock Family Eye Care in West Des Moines.

What Is Computer Vision?

Computer vision is a syndrome (a group of symptoms that commonly occur together) that can occur when constant exposure to digital screens or monitors overtaxes your eyes. This problem has grown more common than ever now that Americans spend up to seven hours a day staring at computer, e-reader, or smartphone displays. Up to 90 percent of these individuals show at least some signs of computer vision.

What Symptoms Does Computer Vision Cause?

Computer vision can lead to a number of distressing symptoms. These symptoms include eye fatigue, temporary blurring or doubling of vision, headaches, and neck or shoulder stiffness. Computer vision also tends to occur alongside dry eye, which causes eye redness, itching, fatigue, and vision distortion.

Why Does Computer Vision Occur?

When you stare at a digital screen for long periods, you may not blink as frequently as usual, causing eye dryness and irritation. Other factors, such as screen brightness, insufficient contrast from ambient lighting, unhealthy screen distance or sitting posture, uncorrected refractive errors, and the concentration of blue light emitted by digital displays can also contribute to computer vision symptoms.

How Does Our Optometry Team Diagnose Computer Vision?

Our optometry team of Dr. Michael Lock and Dr. Jenessa Lock can employ various diagnostic techniques to confirm a case of computer vision, starting with a comprehensive eye exam. This exam includes evaluations of your visual acuity and ocular refraction, along with a discussion of your symptoms, medical history, and digital device usage.

What Kinds of Treatment Can Relieve Computer Vision?

Our optometry team may recommend that you increase ambient light in your office, reduce your screen brightness, change your work schedule to incorporate more frequent breaks, sit at a different angle, or sit farther away from the screen to relieve your computer vision problems. We may also prescribe computer glasses, including glasses that filter out blue light, to reduce eye muscle strain.

Have More Questions? Consult the West Des Moines Optometry Experts

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