How Nuretin Can Help You

Nuretin is a medical food supplement rich in critical eye-supporting nutrients such as DHA and EPA. It improves retina and macular health and contributes to general eye health and vision stability. Nuretin is highly recommended, especially for diabetic patients, as studies show that the supplement reduces the chances of getting diabetic retinopathy by up to 50%.

Only a skilled optometry specialist can effectively examine, diagnose, and treat retinopathy. Our optometrist at Mills Eye Care provides retinopathy relief and other eye care services to families in Mooresville, NC, and the surrounding area.

What Is Retinopathy?

Retinopathy is an eye disorder common among diabetic patients that damages eye blood vessels, causing the retina to detach, possibly leading to blindness. Therefore, vision care should be a top priority for people with diabetes to maintain optimal health.

This eye disorder arises within five years of being diagnosed with diabetes in 38% of patients and is also the leading cause of blindness in adults under 74 years. While mainly recommended for diabetic patients, Nuretin can also benefit other people since the retina and macular can deteriorate due to other factors such as age, lifestyle habits, etc. Some patients do not realize they have the condition until it’s aggravated to an unbearable state.

How Does Nuretin Treat Retinopathy?

Retinopathy can irreparably damage your vision and consequently gravely affect your quality of life. That’s why it’s essential to prevent the condition from developing or take steps to manage it if it’s already present. Controlling your blood sugar levels is the best way to prevent retinopathy. You can also supplement your diet by taking Nuretin.

The supplement is specially formulated for diabetes patients as it’s very rich in EPA and DHA fatty acids. These are nutrients that the body doesn’t make naturally, but the eyes need them to function optimally. These nutrients are found only through dietary supplements or food sources. Our optometrists understand that taking DHA and EPA fatty acids in the correct form, dosage, and at certain levels can reduce the development of vision-threatening disorders such as retinopathy by 50%.

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