We all want to give our kids the best possible start in life, and that includes making sure they enjoy the best possible health and wellness. Eye health and eye function are a huge part of this equation. Issues such as strabismus, “lazy eye,” focus problems and refractive errors can interfere with coordination, learning, personal safety and academic achievement. A periodic pediatric eye exam from our Moorseville optometrist at Eye Care Center Mooresville (Dr. Ed Mills or Christopher Mills) can help optimize your child’s eyesight.

When to See Our Mooresville Eye Doctor for Pediatric Eye Care

Different stages of life call for different emphases in the pediatric eye exam. In the first months of an infant’s life, the eyes and brain are still figuring out how to work together to create clear, comprehensible visual images. At the 6-month mark, however, this process should be operating well enough for your optometrist to identify any impediments. We will evaluate how well your baby can see objects and track movement while also examining the eyes’ alignment and general health. The next big pediatric eye exam generally occurs at the age of 3. This exam explores children’s visual acuity in greater detail because we can communicate with them and ask them to describe what they’re seeing.

The school years pose a whole new set of challenges for a child’s eyes, which is why we urge parents to schedule a third pediatric eye exam around the age of 6. With the aid of an eye chart, our Mooresville optometrist will test your child’s vision thoroughly for any signs of myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. These refractive errors can cause terrible difficulty and frustration when it comes to reading, writing and following lessons in school; some children may even be though to have a learning disorder — when the only disorder they have is in their eyes.

How Our Mooresville Optometrist Can Help

If your child’s eyes could use some help, we can prescribe corrective lenses to ensure the clearest possible vision, both in school and out of school. Our optical center has an impressive range of fashionable frames for kids and adults to choose from, with vision packages starting at just $99 and our ongoing “second pair for 50 percent off” deal. Contact lenses are also available for active kids or those who just don’t like wearing glasses. (This step requires a separate contact lens exam.) Bear in mind that if your child needs vision correction, that prescription may go out of date rapidly as the eyes continue to develop,necessitating annual follow-up exams. A child with normal vision may only need a pediatric eye exam every other year.

Pediatric Optometry for Mooresville, Davidson, Statesville, Cornelius, Huntersville, Denver, and Lake Norman

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