North Carolina is a great state for enjoying outdoor activities. Whether you enjoy deep-sea fishing, hiking, or driving the state’s many and scenic roads and byways, you will need to see clearly to fully enjoy these activities. Polarized lenses are an ideal tool for improving your vision by reducing glare so that you can see better. Our skilled eye doctor at Mills Eye Care in Mooresville, NC will recommend the perfect pair of polarized glasses based on your lifestyle and medical needs.

Reduced Glare Relieves Eyestrain

Polarized lenses cut down on glare from the sun and artificial lights, including your computer screen. They also improve contrast, which makes it easier for you to see different hues and shades. Improved contrast also can help improve your depth of perception while giving you sharper vision in bright light. When your eyes have reduced glare and better contrast, you do not have to strain your eyes trying to read road signs or see clearly.

Polarized Glasses Make Driving Easier

You already know polarized lenses eliminate sun glare. That also means polarized glasses eliminate road glare when you are driving. When the sun is low in the sky during the morning and again while setting in the evening, the low angle and bright glare can blind you while driving. Polarized lenses will put an end to that. If you are like many drivers and see the glare from street lights and traffic lights when you are driving at night, the polarized lenses can get rid of that glare, too. That can make your nighttime travels much safer – especially if you drive home from work when it is dark during the late fall and winter months.

Improved Eye Health

Polarized glasses can do more than relieve eyestrain. They also provide excellent UV protection and can help to prevent the development of cataracts. You can get prescription glasses with polarized lenses or just get a great pair of driving glasses that you can wear to improve your driving vision and safety.

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