As an athlete, you’re well aware of the importance of good vision in sports play. Regardless of the sport you play, sports vision training can help you develop visual skills that will maximize your game. These FAQS by Mills Eye Care in Mooresville explain more about the benefits of sports vision and sports vision training.

What Is Sports Vision?

Sports vision is a term used to describe the visual skills athletes have need of to maximize their performance. These skills include hand to eye coordination, eye-tracking abilities, depth perception, color perception, and more. Sports vision training refers to methods used to help athletes develop these skills, so they can take their game to the next level.

Can Sports Vision Improve My 20/20 Vision?

20/20 vision means you have good visual acuity at a specific distance. You can have 20/20 vision and still lack sports vision skills. Through sports vision training, we can help you improve in areas like eye-tracking, depth perception, visual processing, and other areas that can greatly enhance your sports performance.

What’s Involved in a Sports Vision Exam?

In addition to testing your eye health and visual acuity, your eye care specialist will perform a sports vision exam to test how you fare in such visual skills as:

  • Ocular alignment – ability of your eyes to work well together
  • Eye-tracking – the ability to follow objects moving at high speeds
  • Visual processing – how quickly your brain reacts to situations or objects upon seeing them
  • Hand-Eye coordination – how quickly and accurately your hands react to objects upon viewing them
  • Contrast sensitivity – the ability to distinguish light and dark contrasts
  • Depth perception – the ability to perceive distances of objects within your field of vision

How Do Eye Care Specialists Develop a Person’s Sports Vision?

After assessing the results of sports vision testing, your Mooresville optometry specialist will create a plan to help develop those areas you’re weak in. We’ll consider diverse approaches to improving the visual skills required to ace your game.

For example, we may suggest playing games to enhance hand-eye coordination, performing repetitive tasks to improve depth or color perception, or using specialized optometry devices such as tinted eyewear or specialty contacts to optimize sports vision skills.

As no two people are exactly alike in their visual abilities, we’ll customize a sports vision training program to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re an amateur or professional player, sports vision training can raise the level of your sports performance.

See Your Mooresville Optometry Specialist for Sports Vision Training

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