If you’re an athlete in Mooresville, then of course you want to be on top of your game at all times. However, when you’re having eye problems or your vision begins to deteriorate, your performance can suffer as a result. This is why it’s generally recommended that serious athletes see a trusted optometrist regular for sports vision training and exams. Whether you play a contact sport such as football or basketball, or even a no-contact sport like golf or tennis, the fact remains that your vision is vital.

Here at eyecarecenter, sports vision therapy is just one of the many services we have to offer. Ultimately, our goal is to help you be at your best performance while on the field, court, or wherever else you do your thing!

Sports Vision Eye Exams in Mooresville

The first thing we recommend when it comes to maximizing your vision and thus your performance is a sports vision eye exam. This is a comprehensive exam that consists of a series of thorough tests in your optometrist’s office. Specific testing may vary depending on your optometrist and the specific sport you play, but some examples of tests performed as part of a sports vision eye exam include:

  • Snellen Eye Chart – a standard vision test where you read letters off a chart 20 feet in front of you.
  • Contrast Sensitivity Tests – a test where you are shown a chart of gray stripes up against different backgrounds. Your task during this test is to follow the stripes as they change direction and their color becomes more and more similar to the background.
  • Depth Perception Tests – these are meant to determine how well you’re able to see in three dimensions. This test usually involves looking into a box-like device that requires you to manipulate levers, pulleys, and strings to move objects into different positions.

These are just a few examples of the common types of testing done in a sports vision exam.

Benefits of Sports Vision Care From Our Optometrists

There are many ways in which your athletic performance could benefit from sports vision care from our optometrists. Often times, the testing involved with this type of optometry will reveal vision problems that may be remedied through prescription lenses or other forms of treatment. As a result, you could end up with better hand-eye coordination, greater eye-tracking ability, and even improved depth perception—all of which could benefit you when it comes time to work your magic.

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